miscellaneous research


Sound Barge COMPETITION entry

Sound doesn’t move so fast that we can’t see it propagate...if we could see sound propagate. The proposed sound field consists of approximately 600 “sound stems,” set in an array with each unit six feet from its neighbor on a barge.


Night Ventilation 

Nighttime ventilation with thermal mass is a well documented cooling strategy used in many different building types. Nighttime flushing relies on keeping a building thermally closed during the day to store internal gains and thermally open at night to remove built-up heat from the mass. This study looks the effects of nighttime ventilation on a thermally massive internal load dominated building that is unconditioned, thermally open during the day, and (during the control period) thermally closed at night.

Urban bioacoustics-9.jpg

urban bio acoustics 

We provide here both a review of existing literature and a conceptual overview of topics that are ripe for further research. 


Night insulation competition entry

Extending the search for a design regime that allows simultaneous daylight and thermal resistance.


beach town urbanism

Occupying the edges, resort beach towns maintain a unique connection to site: the shifting geomorphology and seasonally undulating populations on which these cities rely create a special urbanism. This infrastructure of place develops particular axes of movement and commercial centers that, in turn, develop (or fail to develop) a hierarchy of space and a density of activity. It is these qualities that define each town’s rank on the continuum between vital urbanism and dystopia. For this inquiry, ten beach towns are documented with attention to physical form, development history, transportation, pedestrian activity, and scale.